I've still been making updates to this website, although its been very off and on I guess. So anyway, lots of things have been happening lately. Classes are going pretty good, but still rather slow at times as well. But I do believe I'm hanging on. Pretty soon I'll be moving into my own home (apartment) on the college campus. But possibly not for a good couple of months.
Right now I can't really say for sure just yet, so I may or may not keep you all posted on that.

I think I'm running out of things to talk about in this here b
We have successfully managed to move into the new year, with new adventures and new...well, everything. Ha ha. But anyway, hope you all have had a great new year and a good christmas.

See you guys in another not so important update.
So yeah, we are now moving into the new year of 2013. Whoo Hoo :D

I hope you all have had a wonderful or close to decent 2012 year.

Updates continue to be slow sadly enough, but I need to find a better way to keep this site properly maintained. So I guess going into the new year, I can ponder on it more
Sorry about being inactive much. I've been a little busy with college and stuff like that. But other than that, here's a new video for the holidays.
Well we made to our new home in one piece and got ourselves settled in. Now I'm in college taking classes now with 3 art and one reading class. Yep, not to bad so far at least. I hope.

But anyway, I've probably already mentioned before that there would be some changes made to the website. Well yeah and to point out, I've will be updating the site and moving and removing some things really because a lot of it isn't really necessary.

So yeah.

Oh Hey and check out my new comics on deviantart while you're here and there.
Got a new RPG video for you guys :D For the move, were about half way to our destination and we still have quite a bit of ground to cover, So yeah, en
Yep, I have been offline lately because of getting prepared for moving so it's rather been a pain. I also need to get this site all redesigned again when my freetime opens up more. So yeah, don't be alarmed if things start changing and other things go missing and stuff like that
My website is subject to change, not by appearance. But links and the like, I think I got a little over zealous with the website a little bit.

So yeah.